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“Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

“Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

What is Good Technology?

Look around you. We are surrounded by technologies. Some new; some old; some critically important; some completely unnecessary, and others that help us live a little bit more comfortable.

At ELEMENTAL, we are critical of the increasing number of soulless innovations and trendy nonsense that are launched nearly everyday, squandering economic and environmental resources without providing any real benefit to humankind or our environment. Some are actually enjoyable; but, ultimately, they are useless and parasitic to the progress of our civilization.

What we need, instead, are technologies that help us survive, prosper and balance our environmental footprint.

But is it possible that a technology can promote all these things at the same time?

Yes, Good Technology can.

A Good Technology is the best and most effective solution to a specific problem. It must be cost-effective, appealing, smart, efficient and sustainable. A Good Technology must be elemental to humanity’s needs.

ELEMENTAL’S 10 Principles of Good Technology


effectiveness | noun
[ U ] /ɪˈfek·tɪv·nəs/

The ability to be successful and produce the intended results.*

A Good Technology must produce the results it was designed to accomplish.


efficiency | noun
[ C/U ] ​ /ɪˈfɪʃ·ən·si/

​The condition or fact of producing the results you want without waste.*

A Good Technology must use the least resources necessary to solve a specific problem or perform a specific task.


vitaladjective ​

Necessary or extremely important for the success or continued existence of something.*

A Good Technology should fundamentally focus on promoting life.


superior | adjective
[not gradable] US ​ /sʊˈpɪər·i·ər/

Better than average, or better than others of the same type.*

A Good Technology must make other technologies obsolete.


reliable | adjective ​

Deserving trust; dependable.*

A Good Technology has to be durable, reliable and trustworthy.


sustainable | adjective​

​Able to be maintained or continued.*

A Good Technology has to be economically, environmentally and socially responsible.


attractive | adjective ​
​Causing interest or pleasure.*

A Good Technology must promote its usage by being enjoyable, smart and practical.


scalable (also scaleable) | adjective
UK ​ /ˈskeɪ.lə.bəl/ US ​ /ˈskeɪ.lə.bəl/
​Used to describe a business or system that is able to grow or to be made larger.*

A Good Technology must be able to respond to growth.


simple | adjective ​
Without unnecessary or extra things or decorations; plain.*

A Good Technology has to be easy to install, to operate, and to maintain and include no unnecessary processes or parts.


elemental | adjective ​
Basic or simple but strongly felt.*

A Good Technology must be essential and produce noticeable changes.

* Definitions of the Cambridge Dictionary.